EP 11 | Women In Music

March 27, 2017

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(* apologies for the poor sound quality in advance)

Happy Women's History Month everyone!! Its pretty apparent that music is a male dominated industry so for this week's episode we decided to honor some fabulously fierce women who are killing it in the game.  Being that we are three women of color voicing our views on all things music, this was especially important to us.  We also shared our views on the hyper-sexualization of women in the industry and if it can make or break an artist.

Music We Highlighted:
Gwen Stefani x Eve - Blow Your Mind
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll
Rihanna - Bitch Better Have My Money
Janet Jackson - I Get So Lonely
J.LO - Get Right

What We Discussed:
RIP Chuck Berry
Rosetta Tharpe
Leading ladies who rock
Women owning shit behind the scenes
Triple threat queens killing it in more ways than one
Ezra Koenig + Karen O = Beyonce's Hold Up
Producers screaming their names over all the tracks (ahemm DJ Khaled)
How heartbreak = a guaranteed platinum album
Why you can't pray everything away
Why Tinashe deserves better
Hide yo kids, Hide yo wives! Cause Tinashe's also grabbin' crotches out here
Shanti Das's episode on Bevy Smith's podcast Bevy Says
Jill Scott + The Roots You Got Me Live Performance

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